Addressing the TOP concerns of new dental hygienists
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Note: DentalToaster and the new grads programs are extensions of StudentRDH

Top 10 topics they skipped at school

Watch, rewatch

What matters in the "real world"

Worksheets, checklists

Start your career with the right guidance

  • School did not prepare you for the "real" dental world!
  • You can learn on the job, but it will cost you time, money, and effort.
  • Employers want to give you a "NEW grad" rate. But you better, you have to be as good as an experienced RDH.

I applied everything I learned in my interviews. The offices could see that I took the extra step to be a competent new grad.
Joanne D. RDH

NEW Grad RDH crashcourse bundle

What is it?

  • On-demand courses
  • Focused on what the New Grad RDH must know
  • Filling in the gap between school and work

Who is this for?

  • RDHs 0-3 years out of school
  • RDHs who want to negotiate a better pay
  • RDHs who do NOT want to be undervalued
  • RDHs who want to excel from day 1
  • RDHs who are in an office that does not provide extra support or mentorship
  • RDHs who do NOT feel ready

How do I learn?

  • You pay a one-time fee
  • Immediately, access all courses within the bundle
  • Watch, rewatch as needed
  • CEUs awarded (counts towards your renewal)
Amazing! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to learn about the real world.
Valeri S. RDH

Which course do you need? 
(You can purchase one course at a time too!)

Also, eligible to claim CE credits

I feel more confident as a new RDH! I am realizing that school did not teach us about working.
Daisy. M RDH

Frequently asked questions

How does the crashcourse works?

The bundle allows you to access immediately all the courses that are most important for a new grad RDH. The goal is for the new hygienist to feel ready, for the interview or the first day of work.

Are the course recorded?

Yes they are, everything is recorded. That way, if you need a refresher, you can always access the course. The courses are binge worthy! 
Picture this: you are sitting in your car, walking into the interview or your first work. You want to make a great impression, and you listen to the one hour appointment course. That'll set you apart from other new graduates. You will feel confident, and ready to roll!

Who is this for?

RDH new grads who want to elevate their worth, step into their first jobs with confidence, feel not prepared working in a “real office.” 
If you are a perfectionist, and like to be extra prepared.
Also, a lot of new grads take the courses because they want to negotiate a better salary.

What if I want to cancel?

Since this is a bundle of pre-recorded courses, there is no cancellation. We hope that there is no refund as well, because I promise you, you are going to learn so much.

Do I get CE credits for the courses?

You get one CE credit per course. DentalToaster is a PACE accredited education company.

Who are the mentors?

Our main support for the new graduates is Nadia, RDH. She is a previous user of StudentRDH, and in eight years, has accumulated a lot of extremely valuable experience. She works as a dental hygienist, and also until recently used to be the original manager of a large Dental corporation. She has so much to tell you, about the hiring process, about what the dentist really think about you, and what makes a dental hygienist valuable. She is very passionate about our new grads, and helping them become they are best selves.
We also have other dental, hygienist, speakers, and mentors, who are going to be leading the courses.

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