Rocking Your Working Interview

Nailing interviews
Securing work position

CEUs: 1 credit

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  • CEUs: 1 credit
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    Facing a working interview can be a perplexing experience, especially when you're uncertain about the criteria being assessed. Are employers solely evaluating your technical skills and knowledge, or do factors like patient communication and teamwork also come into play? Understanding what's truly under scrutiny can make all the difference. This guide will delve into strategies to help you stand out, reveal the key aspects employers really focus on, and address common pitfalls that could cost you the job.
  •  Objectives

    • What do I need to do to prepare for a working interview?
    • What wage do I ask for?
    • What am I being watched for?
    • What are the key points that matter?
    • What should I be looking for when doing a working interview?

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Nadia Rossi, RDH

"Helping new grads is my passion."

Nadia Rossi, RDH


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