Local Anesthesia Refresher Course

Local anesthetics and MRDs

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For the everyday RDH

Why this course?

Local anesthesia is a critical skill for dental hygienists, ensuring patient comfort and pain management during various dental procedures.

The Local Anesthesia Refresher Course is designed to help you stay proficient in administering local anesthesia, keeping you updated with the latest techniques and safety protocols. 

Dear Toasties,

We designed this course with the everyday RDH in mind. We carefully review the most important topics that are relevant to you.

If you need to go back to basics, take this local anesthesia refresher course!
  • Course description

    The Local Anesthesia Refresher Course is a detailed and practical program designed to update and enhance the skills and knowledge required for administering local anesthesia in dental practice.

    This course covers a wide range of topics, including various injection techniques for maxillary, mandibular, and palatal regions, an overview of local anesthetics, dosage calculations, and management of complications and contraindications.

    Participants will engage with comprehensive modules to reinforce their ability to provide safe and effective anesthesia.
  •  Objectives

    • Master Injection Techniques: Equip dental hygienists with in-depth knowledge and practical skills for performing maxillary, mandibular, and palatal nerve blocks.

    • Understand Local Anesthetics: Provide a thorough understanding of the properties, types, and classifications of local anesthetics.

    • Calculate Dosages Accurately: Teach dental hygienists how to accurately calculate the maximum recommended doses (MRD) of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors, taking into account various factors that affect the efficacy and safety of anesthetic drugs.

    • Manage Complications and Contraindications: Enhance the ability to identify, prevent, and manage complications, as well as understand absolute and relative contraindications for local anesthesia in patients with specific medical conditions.

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