Interdental Care

Floss is NOT the Only Option

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  • Speaker: Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH
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For the everyday RDH

Why this course?

Flossing is NOT the answer to every patient’s home care. This course provides many different options that may be even more beneficial than flossing, and easier for the patient to use. Over 50% of the population has periodontal diseases, and an interdental protocol can help patients manage better their oral health. 

This course is great for:
  • Dental professionals who recommend oral home care aids.
  • Dental professionals who would like to help patients reduce bleeding, plaque accumulation, and inflammation.
  • Dental professionals who see patients who are NOT compliant with flossing.
  • Dental professionals who want to use the latest scientific research to make a difference.
Dear Toasties,

This is an incredible Interdental Care course that you won't want to miss out on. Get ready to become a pro at helping patients find the perfect home care tools for their oral health!

We've specifically tailored this course for everyday RDHs like you and we've made sure to cover all the essential topics that are most relevant to you.

If you're thinking about diving into the world of Interdental Care, we highly recommend starting with this course. Give it a try and see for yourself!
  • Course description

    The importance of plaque removal for the prevention of dental and systemic disease is being brought to light with each passing year. However, daily habits such as interproximal plaque removal have yet to be established by many people.

    Floss has been for years the recommended product for interproximal cleaning, yet is not used by the majority of the population on a regular basis. In fact, the research to support the benefits of flossing, i.e. reduced caries and prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease, is weak and unreliable.

    The suggested benefits of flossing were recommended back in the 19th century when the idea was expressed that disrupting debris between your teeth could be beneficial.

    Since then, we have recommended brushing and flossing as a therapeutic, at home routine to prevent dental disease; however, periodontal disease affects 50% of the adult population.
  •  Objectives

    • Discuss the current recommendations from the 11th European Federation of Periodontology workshop.
    • Describe the variables that will guide clinicians to choose the better interdental tool for patients.
    • Identify multiple product types depending on the patient’s needs.
    • Discuss the differences between interdental brushes and rubber bristle brushes for interdental care.
    • Tailor interdental recommendations based on research and what the patient is willing and able to accomplish at home.

Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH

Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH, brings over 20 years of experience to her numerous roles in dentistry. A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's of Health Science and the University of Bridgeport with a Master's in Dental Hygiene Education, she focuses her career on expanding the knowledge of her colleagues in all aspects of health care. 

Michelle was the co-founder and the FIRE and ENERGY that made the A Tale of Two Hygienists podcast. Currently, she is the owner of Level Up Infection Prevention, MichelleStrangeRDH, a key-opinion leader, writer, content creator, infection control consultant, and a practicing dental hygienist.​

Michelle’s passion for dentistry extends to her community, where she volunteers frequently and participates in global missions.
“We have been almost brainwashed that flossing could solve our patients’ problem. With this course, I know feel confident recommended other tools such as interdental brushes or water flosser, depending on the condition the patient has.” 

Danielle G.


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