Infection Control Refresher Course

Chairside infection control protocols

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For the everyday RDH

Why this course?

Infection control is a critical aspect of dental practice, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.

For dental hygienists, maintaining stringent infection control standards is essential to prevent the spread of infections and protect the health of everyone in the dental office.

The Infection Control Refresher Course is designed to help you stay updated on the latest protocols and best practices. 

Dear Toasties,

We designed this course with the everyday RDH in mind. We carefully review the most important topics that are relevant to you.

If you need to go back to basics, take this infection control refresher course!
  • Course description

    The Infection Control Refresher Course is a comprehensive program designed to update and enhance the infection control skills of dental hygienists.

    This course covers critical topics such as the chain of infection, chairsidе infection control, understanding microorganisms, standard precautions, and effective sterilization and cleaning techniques.

    The modules will help reinforce their ability to maintain a safe and sterile environment in the dental office.
  •  Objectives

    • Understand the Chain of Infection: Equip dental hygienists with knowledge about the components of the chain of infection, modes of disease transmission, and immunity to effectively break the chain and prevent infections.

    • Implement Chairsidе Infection Control: Enhance skills in using personal protective equipment (PPE), maintaining hand hygiene, reviewing patient health history, managing waste, and properly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and materials to ensure a safe environment.

    • Comprehend Microorganisms and Their Impact: Provide a thorough understanding of terminology related to microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and prions, and their implications for infection control in dental settings.

    • Adhere to Standard Precautions and Guidelines: Ensure compliance with standard precautions, disinfection protocols, exposure incident protocols, and guidelines set by relevant health agencies, including the Hazard Communication Program.

    • Master Sterilization and Cleaning Processes: Relearn effective methods for cleaning, preparing, packaging, and sterilizing patient care items, including the use of sterilizers, conducting biological and chemical testing, handling sterilization failures, and proper storage practices to maintain a sterile environment.

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